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SITE project

2019 Sulwha Cultural Exhibition ‘Micro-Sense : House of Pattern’, exhibtion director & artist (Client : Amorepacific)
Page Myeongdong (former Korea YWCA Association Hall, Seoul Future Heritage) space planning and remodeling (Client : Deoham)

Space planning is to think about what concept, content, and program to fill buildings and site, and to make them directly. Site & Page is concerned with the desirable appearance, philosophy and concept that the building should have before design. We analyze the urban and social context of the site and proposes forms and content for spaces optimized to meet the conditions and goals of the client.

space planning 
space branding
urban research  
urban regeneration
heritage management
public design
design consulting

PAGE project

editorial advisor 
promotional media
video production 

Books are the oldest and most powerful medium in human history. Modern society and civilization have been built on the foundation of books and knowledge. Site & Page believes in the universal value and power of books. We understand books not only as traditional print media but also as encompassing the new formats emerging today. The word "page" also has meaning as a minimal unit of content, moving between online and offline, and between real and virtual worlds. Site & Page creates content about city, architecture, culture and art through books and various pages.